Extreme tourism
Friday 30th of January 2009 6:52 pm.
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Extreme tourism.

In preddvere New year and Christmas it is necessary to reflect, about that where it is better to celebrate. Forget about a boring sit-round gathering of the house and send to mountain-skiing round.
One of magnificent mounting skiing resorts is "Dombai". Here optimum conditions for employment by mountaneering, tourism and a snowboard are created.

In Dagestan there are good prospects for development speleoturizma

Scientific expedition of " the Cave of Dagestan " within the limits of the project " Development of extreme kinds of tourism in Dagestan ". Its organizer was the Club of cave explorers of the Moscow State University and DGU. Visiting of a remote cave with osypnoj a track in area Sergokalinskom can be extreme. Backwardness of an infrastructure in Dagestan is an obstacle for development of speleological tourism in republic, as well as other kinds of tourism. Cave explorers have informed, that in the further is planned to create a speleological card of Dagestan and speleolager in vicinities of interesting caves for maintenance of inflow of tourists.

Festival for fans of an extreme

In Moscow in the Central cinema hall of the Russian State university of physical culture, sports and tourism passes 11-th Moscow International festival " Vertical ". Who prefers all extreme, exotic and sports tourism, fans of adventures should see the program of festival which was made with 135 documentary films of 23 countries. Mountaneering, mountain skiing, mauntinbajk, rock-climbing, speleology, ledolazanie, diving — here the incomplete list what will be presented in the program. In addition during festival the exhibition of photos and pictures on adventure subjects will be exhibited.

The majority of Russians do not presume to itself good rest

The summer already almost has closely come nearer, and during a coming time of holidays, on social interrogations, the majority of Russians there will be houses. Abroad there will go only 4 % of our fellow citizens. This choice of the majority is caused by shortage of money that is rather sad, in fact such answer of a distance of 47 % interrogated. The majority of inhabitants of Russia summer will lead on a summer residence. Adherents ogorodnoj therapies in our country it is totaled much - 36 %. Active kinds of rest, do not enjoy special popularity: and other extreme tourism borrows with diving, rafting only 6 % interrogated.

" Red Fox Elbrus Race "

20 May in Prielbruse has passed the festival of winter kinds of sports first in Russia « Red Fox Elbrus Race ». It has included the Cup of Russia on ски-mountaneering, competitions on snegostupingu and a high-speed ascention on the western top of Elbrus. Ски-mountaneering it something an average between mountaneering and run on skis: first it is necessary to subdue top, not removing skis (for this purpose the last are supplied kamusom — by the special fleecy casing providing coupling), then, having unfastened preliminary kamus to go down downwards, then again to rise on the next height, and such adventure - up to the finish.

The Ural pathfinder. A May extreme – 2008

Festival of extreme kinds of sports " the Ural pathfinder. The May extreme – 2008 " will pass in Ekaterinburg on May, 25th. Management on development of physical training, sports and tourism of administration of Ekaterinburg has informed, that in the program of festival are included the open championship of city on rock-climbing, city superiority on cycling, by water kinds of sports - to rafting, kajakingu, to a skateboard and rollers. All this extreme set can be seen in historical square in which on May, 25th there will pass opening ceremony of festival.

Admirers of Indiana of Johns prokatili on streets a huge sphere

On an extreme and original step admirers of Indiana - some inhabitants of San Francisco have gone. From five millions cubes of designer LEGO they have collected a huge sphere. And then " with a breeze " have lowered it downhill under a musical theme from " Indiana Johns ". Thus one of participants of action has dressed up as the protagonist of this adventure blockbaster and ran ahead. Probably, the action is dated to world prime-minister of the fourth part of the trilogy of Georges Lukasa and Stephen Spielberg " Indiana Johns and Kingdom of a crystal skull " which is planned for May, 22nd.

Travel of English jahtsmena the most difficult was in Russia

The most extreme piece of travel btritanskogo jahtsmena Adriana Flanagana waited in Russia though in its navigation it has gone through both a storm and prosecution of the Brazilian pirates. 47-years the traveller has begun the navigation in October, 2005. When it has crossed Pacific ocean and has gone to coast of Chukotka, intending to pass on Northern sea way from the east on the West, it had complexities with the Russian authorities which tried to not admit that Flanagan one travelled. Vrjadli it would manage to overcome it, do not address it to Novel Abramovichu which has helped it to solve all questions with authorities.

In Israel will be more guides knowing foreign languages

The quantity of tourists to Israel steadily grows every year. The ministries on tourism than 5 million tourists with 2012 Therefore expects more guides will train to know languages of those countries, the greatest quantity of fans of travel whence is expected. The guides already having the license, can pass courses of improvement of qualification at the ministry of tourism and seize new directions, such as ancient Jerusalem, deserted tourism, religious tourism, extreme and sports, exotic tourism. So, in Eilat within the nearest month 40 professionals will start to visit the lessons, devoted to deserted tourism.

On barchans it is necessary for fans of extreme driving in Huakachinu

Oasis Huakachina, in Peru receives the increasing popularity among fans of the extreme entertainments coming here to drive on sandy barchans surrounding an oasis. This small town is surrounded by hundreds kilometers of lifeless desert. About hundred person of its inhabitants, trust, that the oasis has appeared on a place of bathing of one American Indian princess. Frightened by the aggressive admirer, it has escaped away, having left after herself lohan with water and the scattered dresses which have turned, accordingly, in the lagoon bordered by palm trees and kamchatuju desert.

Federation - towards to the Sun

The regional public organization " KamchatKAjaking Club " at support of the governor of the Kamchatka edge has organized unique sports-patriotic expedition " Federation - towards to the Sun " which will begin on June, 1st in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka. The basic purposes of expedition is formation of positive images of Kamchatka and Kuriles, as dynamically developing regions with ample opportunities in the field of ecological and in such area as extreme and adventure tourism, development and popularization of a kind of ecological tourism new to Kamchatka - travel on sailing catamarans and sea kajakah.

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